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Colorado Mom of one

Hi all, wow, a colorado mom community on Lj! I was actually thinking of making one myself cause I wasn't sure, but I'm glad I fond one here.

I'm 27 years old, a mother of one who is 4 years old and married. I live in Colorado, and fact is, I'm in desperate need of friends. lol I literally have no friends in the Lakewood/Golden area and my daughter has no friends outside of her preschool time. So we stay home together all the time...I cook, clean, take care of the bills, run the errands and tend to my little one. Not a bad deal right? Wrong...she has as speech delay which makes for very stressful and frustrating days usually. She really is over all a good kid, sweet and loving, but because of her inablity to talk and communicate and understand what I am saying, it tends to cause tantrums between me and her. I think alot of it has to do with that she's only had me for the last four years.

Needless to say, my husband, bless him for what he does, works 6 days a week and is hardly ever home. I just want to make friends with good parents, I used to be friends with a couple (friends of my husbands really) till I tried watchin their oldest who is 8 and she got WAAAAAY out of hand with my daughter...I told her her parents about it and they basically told me to loose their number. try to protect your kid and you get treated like trash! Oh now I absolutely no friends and my daughter doesn't go to play with their kids (they have two btw, one 8 and one a month older than my daughter). I can I when the oldest leaves a bruse on her arm? yeah...I'm in need of friends...of a life...I'm craving it actually, which is probably why I am feelin depressed about it all and why I am just NOW looking for some way to meet new people!

I can act like a kid at times, so I would like to meet people who like to have fun, joke around, get crazy once in a while (just not to crazy lol I have my limits! LOL) who likes some of the same things I do and just enjoy being away from the kids once in a while. Even help each other out when it comes to it! So yeah that's me, I'm a stay at home mom and if I can find a way I take college classes when I can. My name is Kelly, but I go by Star online! So that's it! That's me!
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