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Hello, everyone. I feel rude to intrude on this community like this, not knowing whether what I'm about to ask is allowed or not, so I apologise profusely if it's not.

You see, I'm doing a project on my two-year-old cousin as part of a coursework for school. The thing is, I need to so some research and one of the pieces of research I've decided to do is a poll. I'm just trying to find a community for mum's that will give me permission to do it.

Thank you for your time.

Love Heath
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Help Stay-At-Home Mom Returning to Work

Hey ladies,

I have been a homemaker/stay-at-home mom since I found out I was pregnant back in 2003. I absolutly love staying home with my daughter, but due to financial reasons I must return to work full-time. Plus I figure it will be good for me to get out of the house for a few hours a day seeing as how I don't know anyone here in Colorado still. My hubby and I dont have to worry about Daycare because he will be home with our daughter during the day while I work and I will be home with her in the evening while he works.

I am having tremendous problems getting interviews and finding a job. My resume and cover letter are both written excellently. The only problem is that I havent worked in the past 3 years so there is that unexplained gap on my resume. I am thinking of adding "household manager" to my resume, but I am having great difficulties in coming up with the duties and actually making them sound good and professional. I was wondering does anyone have "homemaker/stay-at-home mother" or anything similar on their resumes? And if so would you be willing to share that part with me? Or does anyone know where I can get a sample resume that could help me out?
Plus, does anyone have any tips for once I actually get an interview?

Thanks in advance for your help. I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!
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Hello friends and strangers... I'm hoping to meet some new people. My husband, patrickeon and I know not very many people with children. We are hoping to find others that are slightly deranged and good parents all at the same time. We saw this couple at Ocean Journey.. the Dad was wearing a Star Wars T-shirt with a storm trooper and they had their kid strapped up with this wicked cool backpack leash thing.. we had a very brief conversation with them. This moment in passing sparked the conversation between my husband and myself regarding the void of friends with offspring. Not that we don't adore our time with our current friends... it's just we want to start trying to aquire friends with wee ones... so, if anyone is interested or knows a good place to meet wacky wierd parents please let us know!

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I need some information about schools, from parents, non parents... I want to find somewhere to send my lovely 8 year old. She's opinionated and an individual and I really can't imagine placing her in the public school in my neighborhood as it is full of hoodlums and ruffians. I really want to find a charter school.. or montessori, or private...though don't have alot of money for private school, but would not mind paying a small tuition. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi! My name is Krissie. I just joined the community today, so here's a little introduction. I'm 23 years old, married for over 2 years to a wonderful man named Matthew. My hubby and I live in Denver, on the Capitol Hill. We have a sweet 21-month old son named Peter. Both hubby and I are Christians. I am a stay at home mom, but I do work from home in an advertising company part-time and also teach English to a Russian 6-year old boy and piano to a 10-year old boy. I'm not even sure what else to add. If you want to know more about me, check out my lj or ask me ;)

Hello................I am new to this journal............

I am 26 weeks pregnant and scared half to death of what is normal and what is not. Just want to talk to someone about it. Ummmmmmm, looks like you guys mostly got your children already. Congrats on healthy babies of all ages. I am soo frightened of being a mommie. I had one bad pregnancy and lost the baby at 10 weeks, then 6 months later got pregnant again. So, I am just looking for some comfort to be honest. I live in the Denver area as well. Looking to get to know new moms and see if I cannot make some friends with some people with kids. This is all new to me. Fun, painful, and scary. It feels like my baby has crawled into my right rib. Man, it hurts. Any advice and any talk is awesome. Thanks.
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Hello All! I just recently joined this community to meet other Colorado Moms. Here's lil intro:

Name: Amy
Age: 27 yrs old
Status: Single but my heart is spoken for.
Children: I'm the mother of a beautiful 10 month old lil boy and I am the guardian of my 15 yr old niece.
Occupation: I'm currently a stay at home Mom.
Residence: We live in Aurora, CO. We live with my parents. My father's health requires at home care so being the "good daughter" that I am, we are here.
Likes: I'm pretty opened minded, so my likes are many.
Dislikes: Being made a fool of and this baby weight that I can't seem to get motivated to lose!

I've included a pic of my son n my niece.

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Could it be any better than this? HOCKEY playing firefighters kickin police officers asses... cuz you know, the Firefighters WILL win.

I hope some of you will come, its for a really important cause....

 is goin down ..... are going to kick ass.







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Ok.. as per my previous post about the two missing children of my friend here is a yahoo name he has created. a profile with information while he waits to get the info updated on the PKF website and the national center for missing and exploited children. you can still ATTEMPT to see the flyer of www.vca.org and click missing children and then type in the name "carmichael" or you can click on this yahoo profile he created and print the flyer from there.. or if you want to offer help email the address provided in his profile and he can sign you up to get flyers mailed to you to distribute.. thank you so much to everyone who has helped or plans to! <3<3

x-posted like hell again.. sorry folks this is a good friend.
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I recently talked to a friend i hadnt talked with in a while.. he sent me to this website.. and my jaw dropped.. PLEASE if you guys can help print out these flyers and post them around your neighborhood.. He is mailing me a box of flyers to post in my area as he hasnt canvased Denver yet.. but the kids ARE his and his ex abducted them. They were last seen in Portland OR. ANY help at this point helps.. print off a few flyers, a couple hundred, whatever you can do and post them anywhere you can.. thanks guys!

Ok this is edited now, as per the link was recieving too much traffic, go to www.vca.org and click "missing children" then enter the last name "carmichael" my apologies for the work involved. but again.. any help helps!

EDIT EDIT: Ok for some reason the link is more like an IP address with vca.org and so i told tim, the kids father, hes contacted the PKF (Polly Klass Foundation) and the national center for missing and exploited children so there will be a new link up shortly.. If youre interested in handing out flyers you can contact me via email with your address and i will hand it off to him or give you his email address to contact him about passing out flyers. he will have the organizations mail you a box of flyers to put up in your area. or once the new link is up and running you can print off and post your own flyers from the site. My email address is o5iv3o@msn.com THANKS AGAIN and im so sorry for the trouble.. A new link will be coming shortly.

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